Manage all your landing pages with a single toolkit

Sell more products with less effort as you organize all your content and tactics in one toolkit designed to make your website a conversion engine.

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Why Pre-order?

Work closely with an experienced CRO

This is the best part of the deal. In order to promote the product and get feedback, one free one-on-one session is available with every pre-order made on or before 15th March 2021.

Get product snippets

Some databases, score-cards and checklists from the toolkit will be made available to the early users before the product is available for purchase.

Risk-free purchase

If you don't find the product useful just drop an email and get 100% refund within 30 days of the release of the product. No questions asked.

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Highest Marketing ROI

For most online businesses landing page optimization gives the best return on marketing investment

The missing component in your marketing

You work so hard to bring visitors to your website. But an invisible landing page error drives them away.

There is too much content out there

There are unlimited resources- posts, courses, webinars available online offering best practices and generic tips for landing pages. Those generic tips will only confuse you.

A step-by-step process

As a bonus for being our waiting list member, you'll receive insights @ your inbox for making better sales pages even before we launch this toolkit in March 2021.

What it takes to improve conversion rate?

In-depth understanding of users

The first thing you need for better conversion is to develop a deeper understanding of users and their needs. You need a process to understand your customers, get more testimonials, and attain better organic growth.

Better Segmentation

Most analytics tools show you aggregated metrics that are not actionable. Metrics become actionable by breaking them into segments. For example, if you know the users who came from channel X and used feature Y upgraded to a paid plan, you'll start promoting feature Y in channel X for more conversions.

Relying heavily on data

Most businesses track fancy metrics that are not useful for taking action. By using data properly, you can find the leakiest steps in your funnel and fix them, use proper messaging and remove obstacles in the buyer's journey. The toolkit will have all your KPIs in one place for easier decision making.

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Common Landing Page Myths

You need to be a wordsmith

If you know your users, understand their pain points, and you know how they think, you don't need to be an amazing copywriter or wordsmith to sell products.

There is a set formula

Every landing page is a solution to a particular problem. If you change one part of that problem you need an entirely different approach for your landing page.

You have to be a salesperson

You don't need grimy sales techniques to build your business. Many popular brands focus on a transparent approach that creates long-term relationships.

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Is this a course to build sales or landing pages?

No, it's not a course. It's a toolkit that'll contain hands-on materials like templates, dashboards, copy tips and it comes with a step-by-step guide. We will also add video lessons to help you extract maximum benefits.

Do I need to be a marketer or copywriter?

No! I’ve designed the toolkit so that any entrepreneur can take advantage of my experience in crafting sales pages that sell even if you have zero experience selling, writing copy, creating landing pages, or marketing.

How much time do I need to grasp the contents in this toolkit?

If you have joined the waitlist, you'll receive all the information so that you are ready by the time the toolkit becomes available in the market. Otherwise, it may take up to a week to get familiar with all the materials present in the toolkit.

I'm in services business. Will it work for me?

Yes! The framework you’ll learn works for digital products, physical products, software, services, and anything else you’re trying to sell. I’ve used it for software, physical products, and online courses for my clients.

Can't I do this myself by following free resources available online?

Yes, if you're lucky. But if you knew how to filter the best resources available online, you'll probably not be here. If you're here that means you have already tried some of those online resources and they haven't worked for you. So why waste time?

How much will it cost?

We have not decided on the exact pricing and it will depend on multiple factors that will be shared with you if you join our waitlist. But we promise to keep it under $50 for our waitlist members.
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How we increased conversion?

Here's a tiny example, how we did it on our own website with very limited traffic. Every website needs a different approach and your solution will be unique based on your product and its users. But you can be fairly successful even without A/B tests.

Understand audience
Right message

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