3+ years of Cold Email Outreach Best Practices in Less Than 3 Minutes

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We do a lot of cold email outreach for high ticket SaaS startups who sell to large companies and target VPs/CXO level executives.

Here are 3+ years of cold email outreach best practices that have helped us avoid the spam folder and book meetings with Directors, VPs and C-suite decision-makers at Fortune 1000 companies:

1. Get a new email domain (a domain you will only use for cold outreach)

2. Setup a permanent redirect to your primary domain

3. Get a G-Suite Basic email address for your new email domain

4. Setup DKIM, DMARC, and SPF in G-suite

  • Turn on DKIM signing to start adding a DKIM signature to all outgoing messages
  • Involves visiting DNS Hosting Provider and setting up TXT DNS Record Type
  • Make a list of your sending domains and create SPF for each of them (follow instructions here)

5. Warm up your new email account by emailing seed accounts at different ESPs and having them marked as safe sender/not junk. There are a number of services that offer this. The result: it boosts your sender score and increases your inbox placement.

6. Use personalized first sentences (farm this out to a native English speaking freelancer) and one-sentence case studies in your copy. You won’t have to send as many emails to convert your prospects into meetings if you craft personalized emails at scale.

7. Randomize or set up 1.5+ minute intervals between each email you send. This can typically be done in most email automation tools that are worth their salt.

8. Avoid cold emailing multiple prospects at the same domain on the same day.

9. Apply a warm-up schedule to your outreach and gradually build up your volume to no more than 100 emails per day.

If you are looking for advisors to help with a cold email strategy- lead identification, system setup, automation, feel free to get in touch with us.