3 Ideas for Better Landing Page Conversions in 2022

Jeff Bullas may have put it best when he said “No doubt you’ve heard the phrase ‘content is king,’ however…. I believe that ‘interactive content is king.”

In past we have covered many topics and hacks for conversion optimization but like other marketing techniques, optimization techniques evolve over time.

So I have dedicated this post to the latest techniques that I have come across over the past one year or so and they have worked for me like a charm.

So without much ado here are the 3 ideas-

1. Chatbots in the Hero section

Chatbot in Hero sections can considerably increase the engagemnent with users especially for products where users might have to decide among several choices on the homepage.

It reduces there cognitive load and allows them to take an immediate action than to stay undecided about the next move for few seconds which results in higher bounce rates.

Stemers is a learning platform for students that's nailing it with this technique.

They incraesed their conversion by almost 2x just by using this one hack. (from 2.3% to 4.2%)

The reason it works so well is because by using a chatbot you can start a dialogue and directly address the doubts of the users.

In standard landing pages, the user has to scroll through all the sections to get all the answers.

But all visitors are not at the same stage of buying process. Some are at an advanced stage and some are still fishing.

Those who are 'product aware' or 'most aware' don't always prefer to go over the entire story. They most likely know about your product and are looking for some specific answers that might be hidden at some corner of your page.

A chatbot solves this problem by allowing users to jump straight to the point where they need to be without interfering with the experience of other users who would prefer to scan through all the content.

2. Replace forms with chatbots

Replacing forms with chatbots is another hack that's picking up these days.

Research shows that chatbot converts better than forms. It's also an established fact that people prefer to answer questions in a chat than in a form which is more mechanical and dates back to stone ages of internet.

Chatbot also allows you you bring in twists and turns to your form that's not possible in a form. For example, most chatbots allow you to save data even if users have partially answered the questions which is not always the case with forms.

Forms usually work in a all or none fashion which means if the user doesn't fill out the entire form and submit, it won't count.

That is detrimental for conversion because we don't know at what point visitors are giving up.

3. Give instant quotes (or some other gratification) to users

Finally, instant quote is something many businesses are already experimenting with. It's mostly applicable for service based businesses where the potential buyer doesn't know the exact amount they have to pay.

Instant quote changes all that and builds a level of trust that removes a huge barrier in the buying process. (imagine how user introduced showing the price of the trip in advance and soon it became an industry norm)

I've put it in the end because often times it's a bit difficult to generate an instant quote because of complexity in the business process.