Are You Offering Enough Value For Customers To Upgrade

The key reason why SaaS users don't upgrade is that they simply don't see the value in upgrading (or business hasn't demonstrated it to them well enough, yet).

There are several ways to go about it -- some certainly better than others: "Convincing Customers To Upgrade To The Next Tier Of Service"

Of course, the best approach to motivate existing users to upgrade is to offer capabilities and functionality that will give them greater value than the product they use today at their current subscription level. This assumes their experience with the current product is excellent (if this value is low, this should be fixed first).

How would entrepreneurs/companies know what provides value worth upgrading for? By asking existing users.

On the other hand, there are also the most common mistakes that businesses and entrepreneurs make by converting free trial users to paying customers, namely:

‣ Not having a pitching strategy for the paid plan

‣ Not highlighting the major advantages of features for the paid plan

‣ Not planning an email marketing strategy to convince the user to upgrade

‣ Not talking about the interest of the user

‣ Not making discounts

‣ Not providing different pricing tiers

‣ Not having "lifetime" subscription option with a one-time payment

‣ Not offering free trial without requiring credit card information

‣ Not reminding when the free trial is expiring