LinkedIn Cold Outreach Done For You

We help you at each step of LinkedIn Outreach- targeting right people, crafting messages, optimizing profile, creating lead magnets, tracking and using efficient tools to automate lead generation processes.

Why Us?

Work closely with experienced managers

This is the best part of the deal. In order to generate maximum leads from LinkedIn you need many skilled people to work at tandem. We manage them all for you.

Right toolset

It's important to hit the right balance between automation and human touch. You want to scale your campaign without making the messages sound robotic.

Testing & Tracking

We test different versions of our copy with different target audiences to find out the match between best target group and the most suitable copy.

Highest Sales/Marketing ROI

For most businesses LinkedIn Outreach gives the best return on investment if done right

What's missing in your strategy?

You work so hard to get your product in front of buyers. How about finding the buyers who are waiting to purchase a product like yours.

How to scale what's working?

Now that you have found your perfect target market, how would you scale it? How can you outreach to hundreds of thousands of people fitting this profile.

A step-by-step process

We are very transparent about our method and approach. Once we build a process for you, you can rinse and repeat it even without us.

What Does it Take to Generate More Leads?

In-depth user research

Finding the right audience for a product takes a lot of research. Even with our experience, we still carry out experiments to reach the right group for best results.

Tools need human

It's a common misconception that humans can achieve anything with the right set of tools. With rapid human advancement, tools require the right set of people to get the best out of them. We make sure we have the right people for every aspect of the lead generation process.

Relying heavily on data

Collecting and tracking data is becoming more and more difficult with rapidly evolving technology. Now we have 10 different dashboards to track, from 5 different sources and make decisions many times without knowing how those data points intermix. Our dedicated data analysts make things easy.

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Common LinkedIn Marketing Myths

You need to be a wordsmith

If you know understand user's pain points, and you know how they think, you don't need to be an amazing copywriter or wordsmith to sell products.

There is a set formula

Every LinkedIn campaign is a solution to a particular problem for a specific set of users. If you change one part of that problem you need an entirely different approach for your landing page.

You have to be a salesperson

You don't need grimy sales techniques to build your business. Many popular brands focus on a transparent approach that creates long-term relationships.

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Does this service support email outreach in addition to LinkedIn outreach?

We do support email outreach but the targeting happens using LinkedIn profiles as we can access many profile related information from LinkedIn which is otherwise difficult to get. This allows us to laser focus on a certain profile and allows the campaign to scale easily.

Do I need to provide my own LinkedIn credentials for the outreach?

It depends on whether you are directly responsible for selling your product/service through LinkedIn, if you are willing to make changes to your profile to grow sales and whether you are focusing on selling one or multiple products. Depending on the answers, we can help you optimize your profile for the outreach or assign dedicated marketer(s) who will be responsible for the outreach using their accounts.

How much time it takes to generate leads and book appointments?

The time to book appointments vary with industry and products. The range is 2-7 weeks.

I'm in services business. Will it work for me?

The short answer is yes! The framework that we use work for both product and service based businesses. We have conducted successful campaigns for many service based businesses.

Can't I do this myself by following free resources available online?

Yes, you can. But if you knew how to filter the best resources available online, you'll probably not be here. If you're here that means you have already tried some of those online resources and they haven't worked for you. So why waste time?

How much will it cost?

The outreach starts at $299 and may go up based on the scale and level of engagement. Please book a free call so that we can tell you about the exact pricing based on your requirement.

Is LinkedIn outreach more effective than cold calling, advertising or lead purchase?

Cold calling, advertising or lead purchase- all have high outright cost. You need to spend a few thousand dollars before you know whether it's going to work for your specific business case. However, you can start with LinkedIn outreach with minimal investment and only decide to scale when you are sure about the results. If you'd like to know more about the results feel free to book a free strategy call and we'll be happy to walk you through the process.

How We Increased Lead Generation With LinkedIn?

Here's a tiny example, how we did it on our own website with very limited traffic. Every website needs a different approach and your solution will be unique based on your product and its users. But you can be fairly successful even without A/B tests.

Understand audience
Right message

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